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Tim spends the night on the sofa and takes Rosie to task for not taking the matter seriously. Sally puts on a cheerful front but Tim tells her that he's not supporting her continuing council business. Michelle returns from seeing Carla. Steve and Robert see her arrive in a taxi. Jenny makes an appointment to see Michelle in her role as wedding planner, oblivious to the fact that Johnny is in some physical discomfort and can't button up his shirt. David has an appointment with the solicitor of a recently-deceased customer, Mrs. Moss, as she's made him a bequest in her will. Maria goes with him. Anna refuses an advance on her wages from Roy. Michelle makes up with Robert and they agree they're good mates. Toyah brings Leanne up to date on the situation with Peter and the police. Leanne has her doubts about continuing IVF with Peter under a cloud. Sally goes to the Town Hall to give a talk at a LGBTQI charity event. Her confidence is thrown when she sees a crowd awaiting her with no barriers between them. Michelle notices that Johnny is not himself at the wedding planning meeting in the bistro. Tim stresses to Steve about Sally. Steve persuades him to go to event and to make sure she's okay. Michelle gets Johnny on his own and, reading his discomfort as wedding nerves, assures him it's normal to have second thoughts. A furious Jenny overhears her. Sally struggles to maintain her composure in her speech and stumbles over her presentation. Tim turns up and sees a young woman taking photos and posting them online. He follows her and demands the phone from her. Jenny rails at Michelle and sacks her. Tim is grabbed by a security officer as his altercation with the woman turns physical and the police are called. Michelle confides in Robert that she has no pub to run and no wedding clients and doesn't know what to do. He has an idea. Toyah sneaks into the cafe flat to speak to Ken, trying to convince him of Peter's innocence. At the police station, Tim is told that the woman's dad works for the charity that Sally was promoting. Robert tells an annoyed Leanne that he's going to take Michelle on as maternity cover. David's bequest is a dog - also called David - and £20,000. Tim returns home, having been given a caution. He refuses to apologise to Sally who breaks down in his arms, admitting that her stalker has won and she's giving up the council business.


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