Betty opens the Corner Shop and worries as she still doesn't know where Maggie is. She asks Cyril to alert his colleagues at the police station but he refuses. Albert thinks the football team ought to have a proper kit and decides to work on tactics. Dickie smothers Audrey with attention and insists she has a proper diet, consulting a baby book he's bought. Maggie worries that Ena has spread the word about finding her in No.9 and that Les will find out. Albert worries about Hilda being on the team. Betty rails at Maggie when she turns up at the shop but is told she has no rights over her sister. When Hilda refuses to play in the team, Tommy Deakin provokes her into changing her mind, knowing that she's the Rovers' worst player. Cyril tries to find out from Len if Maggie spent the night with him. Ena threatens to inform Les about Maggie and Len unless Len stops the cemetery plan. Dickie turns up at home with a pram, winding up Audrey. He tells her that he knows she's not pregnant and was just having fun. They make up. Betty rows with Maggie over the shop. Maggie refuses to apologise; it's her shop and she doesn't answer to anybody. Maggie asks Len to get Ena to keep quiet. Stan and Dickie teach Hilda football in the street with Albert coaching. Dickie kids on Annie that he's a former international player for Ireland. Albert asks Cyril for Les's address in Solihull as Les was looking after his allotment while he was in Bury, and now he wants it back. Cyril tells Maggie but doesn't remember who asked. Maggie worries it was Ena.


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Notable dialogue

Maggie Clegg: "Nothing's a five-day wonder round 'ere."


Hilda Ogden: “Two tonne Turpin? I could give 'er twenty yard start with me legs tied together.”


Len Fairclough: "I get sick and tired every now and again about Mrs Sharples walkin' round like a flippin' hanging judge!"

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