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Tracy evades Luke when he asks why she isn't returning his calls. Suspicious of what Adam is plotting with Amy, Tracy warns Amy to stay away from him. Daniel tells Sinead he's going to Oxford for the day to see about getting back on the Masters course. Dev offers to let Kevin repay him when his card is declined in the shop. Kevin is too proud to accept the offer. Peter and Toyah prepare to take Simon away to Liverpool for the weekend. Eileen is amazed when she opens the door and finds out she's won an electric car in a green initiative competition. Simon is troubled by Peter's voicemail message and replays it to Nick and Leanne. Nick thinks Peter attacked Ken and destroyed Simon's phone to cover his tracks. Bethany gets together with Mel to shoot a new vlog. While they're getting ready, Bethany sees a photo of Nathan and Mel kissing on Mel's laptop. Mel tells her it's an old picture. When Bethany asks Nathan why he lied that he'd never been out with Mel, he tells her to grow up. She walks out on him. Phelan offers to teach Eileen to drive. Kevin finds his groceries at the garage and is about to return them to Dev when Luke tells him that it was actually Erica who left them. Roy puts Ken up as he leaves hospital. Sinead finds a letter from Daniel in the flat telling her that he's leaving. Jenny encourages Sally to reactivate her social media accounts. Nick thinks Peter and Toyah are planning to run away with Simon and stalls them when they come to collect him. Sinead catches Daniel before he goes. When Leanne and Simon arrive, Nick plays the voicemail message on Simon's phone to everyone in the bistro, including Adam and Tracy.


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