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The Barlows nominate Daniel and Peter to visit Ken on their own, hoping that he'll respond better without Adam or Tracy there. Simon is puzzled when Brian tells him that he helped Peter get his phone back from Mr Rawlins. Amy overhears Rosie and Sophie discussing Adam's alibi and asks Adam about it. He assures her that their secret is still safe. Peter tells Simon that his phone fell into a puddle and gives him money for a new one. Sinead is embarrassed to hear from Beth that she wished Ken was dead when she was drunk. Peter and Daniel are refused admittance by Ken but bump into DS MacKinnon, who takes the opportunity to question Daniel about Denise's disappearance. Daniel doesn't see a connection but MacKinnon suggests that it shows he's a good liar as he covered Denise's absence for six years. Peter tells Tracy and Adam about Denise going missing and they wonder if he bumped off Denise before targeting Ken. Before long, they're all pointing the finger at each other. Audrey starts to enjoy her life of leisure. Freddie thinks the fruit machine in the Rovers is about to pay out and takes over when Luke gives up. After spending all his money, he plays with Rita's £1 and wins £100. Daniel thinks everyone suspects him and considers going away to Oxford. Freddie reimburses Rita and gives her an extra £5 when everyone criticises him for not splitting the winnings evenly with Rita. Simon accesses his missed messages, including a voicemail from last Monday where a panicky Peter apologises for messing up again and insists he's got to get away.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Simon is shocked when he listens to a voicemail for Peter, and Beth is concerned for Sinead after she drunkenly wished Ken dead; Tracy is stunned when she reads her father's will; and Rita is not happy when Freddie wins the jackpot on a fruit machine.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,459,000 viewers (4th place).
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