A stunned Daniel shows Dr Gaddas out as he realises the truth of the situation. He can't believe how Sinead has behaved and storms out. She follows him and tells him she did it for his future prospects at Oxford University but he only wanted a proper family. As they row in the street, Chesney observes them. Daniel stalks into No.1, blaming Ken for what's happened. His father can't see through his son's grief and tells him he'll feel differently in time. Tracy is annoyed when Ken texts her saying he can't make the concert. Amy walks out of the community centre when no one is watching her. Having been taken back to No.5 by Chesney, Sinead starts to knock back the drink and tells Beth that the termination was Ken's idea. Liz tells Steve about Peter and the whisky and he goes to see if his friend is okay. Amy's family realises she's missing. Phelan knocks back a whisky in the Rovers, raging about the way that Ken spoke to him and determined to have it out with him. Peter tells Steve that he blames Ken for his troubles. Sinead breaks down as she tells Beth about the termination. Someone observes Luke and Tracy in the ginnel as they search for Amy. Beside the canal, Toyah tells Toby about Peter. He advises her that he's poison and will never change. He invites her to come home with him. Daniel sobs to himself in the flat but reaches a resolution and leaves a message on Sinead's phone. Steve advises Peter to cut his ties with his father. He has to join the search for Amy and leaves Peter with the bottle. He goes to take a drink but smashes it down in anger. Sinead bangs on Ken's door, determined to speak with him. He ignores her but as he goes upstairs, he hears someone entering the back door. Beth looks for Daniel. Inside No.1, Ken lies battered and unconscious in the hallway as Eccles cries over him. Amy turns up on Rosamund Street, much to Tracy's relief. As he mother rings the others to say that she's been found, she looks back at the door of No.1. Toyah is packing a bag but changes her mind, telling Toby that Peter is worth saving. He tells her he's done with her. A drunk Sinead tries to apologise to Daniel but he walks off. He goes into No.1 where he finds his father on the floor with Phelan stood over him, claiming he's just entered by the back door. Daniel rings an ambulance. Some streets away, a furtive Adam gets on a bus. Toyah finds Peter outside the flat with a packed bag and a cut hand. An ambulance arrives at No.1 and the family come running from various directions to see what's happened. An upset Tracy goes with Ken as he's taken away.


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