Johnny asks Maria on Aidan's behalf not to tell Eva about their fling and offers to buy her and Liam a holiday if she'll stay quiet. She tells him to stuff his holiday. Nathan tries to charm Sarah, telling her how important Bethany is to him. A disapproving Gary makes catty references to his age. Nathan confronts the issue head-on, admitting that he's 35 but explaining that Bethany told him she was 20 and by the time he knew her real age he'd fallen for her. Phelan slips Seb £20 to buy Faye a birthday present. Shona shows interest when Gail tells her that Bethany is dating an older man called Nathan but relaxes when she says he's 19 or 20. Gary can't understand why Sarah is being so nice to Nathan; he wants to punch him every time he speaks. She shares his sentiments but is afraid of alienating Bethany. Leanne meets Steve and Liz to discuss access and takes a photo of them holding Oliver. Gail spots burns on Shona's shoulder which she says were caused by an abusive ex. Sarah thinks Nathan is preying on Bethany's low self-esteem and won't risk losing her to him. She and Gary decide to get a house of their own so that Bethany can have a room to herself. Michelle checks Steve's emails to find evidence of an affair. Seb suggests to Faye that they get tattoos. She tells him they can't as they're not old enough. Anna is alarmed to learn that Seb was excluded from school and is working for Phelan. Sarah tells Bethany her news and says Nathan is welcome to stay. Maria is thrilled by her party and calls Aidan and Eva an amazing couple. Bethany gripes to Nathan about Sarah's plans. He tells her that she's welcome to stay at his flat any time.


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