Michelle presumes that Steve is having a breakdown and thinks Oliver is Ruairi. However, when Steve repeats his confession, Michelle looks to Leanne, whose guilty expression tells her all she needs to know. Michelle rushes off to the kitchen to throw up. Gail is disappointed that Nick isn't Oliver's real father. Nick reaffirms to Steve that he'll play no part in Oliver's upbringing. Aidan sees the incriminating photo of Richard Drake on Jenny's computer. Robert closes the bistro to give Michelle privacy. Leanne explains to Michelle that she and Steve only slept together once when he thought Michelle had left him, and they've both regretted it. Michelle remembers Leanne's overtures of friendship during and after her pregnancy and is sickened. She wishes Leanne's baby had died instead of hers. Maria is against Liam living with Eva and Aidan but, unable to admit why, she okays it. Michelle believes that Steve was never truly in mourning for Ruairi as he had a backup. Leanne sticks up for Steve and urges her not to throw her marriage away. Michelle punches her in the face. Jenny threatens to e-mail the photo to Drake's wife if he doesn't reinstate the contract with Underworld and double the quantity. Drake gives in to her demands. Jenny fools Johnny into believing that she won Drake over with her charm but Aidan warns her that he knows what she's up to. Michelle tells everyone in the Rovers what Steve did and hurls glasses at him. She's aghast to discover that Liz knew the truth. Nick feels he's losing Oliver. Michelle tells Steve she feels nothing for him anymore and leaves him. Aidan isn't happy to find Liam in the flat. With nowhere to go, Michelle cries in the ginnel.


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