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Nick struggles to make sense of Leanne's u-turn over Oliver's birth certificate. Michelle tells Steve she wants another baby. Steve is thrown by the suggestion. Eva takes Liam to Norcross Prison to visit Maria, causing Aidan to worry that Maria will spill the beans about their affair. Gail arranges a family welcoming party for Oliver at the bistro. Cathy flirts with Brian in The Kabin but hightails it when he invites her out for coffee. Leanne reconsiders her position regarding the birth certificate when David tells her that he wishes Max was a Platt. Nick is delighted. Steve maintains his facade of coldness towards Oliver, insisting to Liz that he's not affected by seeing Leanne out and about with him. The Gazette emails Jenny the photos from their shoot in the factory. Jenny clocks Richard Drake with his hand on his PA Jemima Corey's bottom on one of them. Getting a devilish idea, she prints a hard copy and sets off on a mission. Nick and Leanne postpone their visit to the register office to attend the party. Yasmeen suggests to Cathy that there's a spark between her and Brian. Cathy thinks the idea is daft. Maria cries with happiness when she sees Liam. Liam asks Maria if he can stay with Aidan and Eva as he thinks he's not wanted at No.5 any more after what happened to Darryl. Steve and Michelle have to watch the party from their table at the bistro. Gail makes a speech declaring her pride in her children. Jenny shows Drake the photo. Knowing that he's a married man, she decides to blackmail him. David hands Oliver to Steve in order to help clear up a dropped tray of glasses. Holding his son in his arms for the first time, Steve's resolve crumbles and he confesses to Michelle that Oliver is his son.


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Michelle Connor (to Steve McDonald): "I've heard it all before! Karen heard it all before, Becky heard it all before, save your breath!"


Michelle Connor (about Steve McDonald): "Daddy two sons over here, one alive, one dead."

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