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Part One: Darryl goes missing when Liam lets him out of his cage. Steve tells Robert that he knows Michelle tried to kiss him but assures him that he doesn't mind. Peter borrows £200 off Ken for an IVF consultation at a private fertility clinic. Ken worries that he's being pushed into having a child he doesn't want. Steve takes Michelle to the beach to scatter Ruairi's ashes. Roy has a word with Brian when he buys papers from The Kabin and charges them to Roy's account. He makes him settle the bill with Norris. Liam is missing his mum and decides to visit her in prison. Eva panics when he disappears while she's on the phone. Leanne finds Liam waiting for a bus. Leanne realises that she misses Eva and makes up with her. Peter books the consultation for this afternoon. Toyah is thrilled. Nathan drops Bethany off, making sure that she has her cover story ready for Sarah. Once she leaves, he deletes Sarah's messages on Bethany's phone.

Part Two: Steve and Michelle finds the beach peaceful and Michelle remembers childhood trips to such places. Leanne returns Liam to Eva and the two sisters make up. Bethany tells Sarah that her phone was stolen and she crashed on Mel's sofa. Brian pays Norris but Roy still thinks he's treating the flat like a hotel and asks him to leave. Steve draws a heart in the sand and Michelle drops Ruairi's ashes in it. Toyah is annoyed to discover that Leanne has forgiven Eva while still keeping her at arm's-length and demands an explanation. The power cuts out while they're in the lift at Victoria Court, trapping them inside. Rana regrets leaving Bethany with Nathan and tells Sarah the whole story. Toyah can't get a signal on her phone and Leanne has left hers in her flat. The situation goes from bad to worse when Leanne's waters break.


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  • The receptionist at the Oakhaven Fertility Clinic is uncredited despite having a line of dialogue.
  • The beach scenes were recorded at Aberffraw on the south west coast of Anglesey.
  • TV Times synopsis: Toyah rails at Leanne for her jibe about her not being a mum; and Peter persuades Ken to lend him money for a consultation at a private fertility clinic. Elsewhere, Steve and Michelle head off to the seaside with Ruairi's ashes.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,826,000 viewers (4th place).
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