Toyah momentarily reciprocates before stopping the kiss and telling Toby to leave, asserting that their marriage is over and she loves Peter. Kevin reveals to Anna that the insurance company won't pay out as they think he started the fire. Toyah signs the letter from the fertility clinic to conclude her business with Toby. Kevin realises he has Tyrone to thank for not being in prison and regrets thumping him. Anna decides to go back to work to help with his money woes. Jenny dreams of a flashy wedding. Kate warns Johnny that Jenny will bleed him dry. Brian tries to flatter Cathy to earn her forgiveness while waiting his turn at the salon. Toyah joins Leanne and Eva at the spa. When she says she's been with Toby, not shopping, Leanne grills her. Toyah breaks down and admits that she might have thrown away her future, confessing that she's always wanted a child. Leanne suggests that she and her new man could have kids. Adam tells Todd about his plan to transfer his legal qualifications to the UK and set up his own legal firm. Todd asks to come in with him and suggests concentrating on personal injury claims as that's where the money is. Kevin listens to their conversation and gets an idea. Johnny asks Jenny to sign a prenup. Cathy makes peace with Brian when he tells her about a toy snake he had that meant a lot to him. Adam believes that Ken is punishing him for being Mike's son and resolves to succeed despite him. Kevin tells Anna they're going to sue David. Toby takes Peter's cab to Piccadilly Station. He suddenly recognises Peter as the man he punched for coming onto Toyah in October and, realising that he's Toyah's boyfriend, gleefully informs Peter that Toyah is with him because she's desperate for a child, spent every penny they had on IVF and will do the same to him.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Toyah reaches breaking point over her family plans; Anna resolves to go back to work in order to help get Kevin and Tyrone out of their financial mess; and Adam reveals a scheme to set up his own legal firm.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,076,000 viewers (3rd place).
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