Simmering with rage, Phelan tells Andy that the whole reason for burning down the garage was to destroy Kevin’s laptop. Secretly pressing record on his phone, Andy quizzes Phelan about the flat building scam and Michael’s death. Having smelt a rat, Phelan makes a grab for Andy’s phone and a tussle ensues. Sinead and Chesney can't seem to understand the other's point of view. Liz talks to Michelle about her own agony at losing baby Katie. Phelan orders Andy once and for all to destroy the laptop but as he scrolls through the photos on Andy’s phone, scoffing at the ones of Michael, Andy snaps and clouts Phelan over the head with the laptop. Another fight ensues. Liz tells Michelle how important it is that she and Steve stay together as a couple. As Steph waits for Andy at the airport she confides in Luke that she wouldn’t be surprised if Andy didn’t show up. Phelan gains the upper hand in the fight and slams the laptop down on Andy's head. In the tanning salon, Nathan prepares to film Bethany as she embarks on a French plait tutorial. Eileen waits nervously for Phelan at the Register Office and wonders where he is. Sinead tells Chesney that he's dismissive of her and she thinks they should split. He begs her to give him another chance, promising her he’ll never take her for granted again. She agrees but nevertheless wants to sleep apart. Determined to find a hobby they can share, Tim shows Sally the second-hand tandem he’s bought. She’s horrified. A panicking Phelan loads up the back of the van and sends a text on Andy's phone to Steph, saying she's better off without him. She accepts the inevitability of the message and says her goodbyes to Luke. Sally and Tim argue about the tandem but are interrupted by a grieving Michelle calling for Steve. Bethany finishes her video. Nathan showers her with compliments and suggests that next time, the flattered girl should show a bit of her "killer body". Phelan is late for the ceremony. Todd tells his mother to give up on him and that she's had a lucky escape, just as Phelan arrives full of apologies and excuses. Billy wonders what Todd meant. Steve and Michelle make up. Sally thoroughly enjoys a ride on the tandem, admitting to Tim that the sight of Michelle made her change her mind. Phelan and Eileen marry. As they hug, she fails to notice the bloodstain on his shirt cuff and the dirt on his shoes.


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