Annie wants to put tables and chairs on the pavement to make the Rovers more Parisian. Jack disagrees but gives in to her. Dave wants to give Leo Slater the once over before he agrees to the divorce because he still likes Lillian. Ray persuades Minnie to take him in as a lodger at No.5. Hilda finds out that Stan has a paid week off work and wasn't going to tell her. She insists on going out for a trip to Llandudno. Douglas is staying in the area for a few weeks and pays attention to Emily. Leo Slater turns up. Elsie is sent an expensive bottle of perfume from an unknown admirer that was handed in by a child in the Rovers. The Ogdens don't get far as Stan "accidentally" trips over a roller skate left on the street and they have to stay at home. They spend the day sat outside the Rovers under Annie's umbrellas with Hilda sulking. Leo is introduced to Dave in the Rovers and the two snipe at each other. Dave asks Elsie to join him at his flat that night for a dinner with Lilian and Leo. Stan promises to take Hilda to Llandudno tomorrow. Dave entertains at his flat. Elsie thanks Dave for the perfume but he tells her he didn't send any. Douglas tries to find out from Emily if she received his present of the perfume. Cyril recognises Leo as a crook with a police record who he once saw in Birmingham.


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  • This episode introduces a new arrangement of Eric Spear's signature tune. The last episode to use the new arrangement is Episode 910, after which the programme reverts to the previous version except for the closing credits of Episode 916. It is unknown whether the new arrangement was ever intended to continue beyond the five episodes in which it is used.
  • TV Times synopsis: In which the "commando" attacks the wrong objective and Elsie and Lilian join battle.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,300,000 homes (4th place).
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