Steve continues to fret about letting Michelle down and gets Liz to clear the nursery back home to spare Michelle the job. Sinead begins developing her own marketing ideas for the kebab shop. Ruairi is taken to the chapel of rest. Kevin learns that the tow truck delivery date change was confirmed via e-mail and assumes that the thief used the computer at the garage as his bag was also stolen from there. He suspects Tyrone, Luke and Freddie, who angrily protest their innocence. Steve makes Michelle see that they're stronger together and she agrees not to push him away. He takes her home. Bethany tells Nathan about her ambition to be a nail technician, like Kylie. He suggests that getting experience in a salon is better than going to college. Freddie installs a mate's old CCTV system in the garage and links it to Kevin's laptop to shame him for accusing his friends of dishonesty. Kevin's insurer refuses to pay out until the police confirm that the truck was stolen. Daniel works on his MA application for Literature, Culture and Modernity, with help from Ken. Adam calls it a Mickey Mouse degree. Leanne is awash with guilt over Michelle's loss. Steve breaks the news about Ruairi to Amy, who prints off a poem from the internet for Michelle. Bethany tells Sarah she's staying in school but will do evening classes and work in a salon. Phelan plans to take Eileen out for dinner. Todd warns him to stop flashing his cash around, reminding him that people lost thousands because of him. Collecting his van from the garage, Phelan learns about the CCTV and realises it'll have captured his incriminating conversation with Todd. Michelle is livid to find their baby things in bags and starts furiously unpacking them. Sinead shows Sarah a diagram outlining her ideas for the kebab shop. Unseen by Sinead, Daniel takes a photo of her plan with his phone. Phelan pumps Luke for information on the garage CCTV and learns that the footage goes to Kevin's laptop. Michelle accuses Steve of trying to erase the memory of their baby and tells him to get out.


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