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Toyah catches up with Roy. Gary decides to stay with Eddie for a while until the dust settles. Steph tries to make plans for New Year with a distracted Andy and asks Eileen for an extension on her rent due to her job loss. Anna and Andy overhear Eileen telling Roy that Phelan is due out of hospital today. Jude calls in The Kabin. Norris quizzes him closely and makes it clear he's to look after Mary properly in South Africa as she's a dear friend. A hurt Simon tells Peter that he saw him kissing his new girlfriend and realises she's the reason for his return, not him. Jenny moans to Johnny about how difficult she's finding it living with Gemma. Tracy admits to Mary that she's going to be a hard act to follow and wishes her well. Seb calls at No.13 and invites Faye to his family's New Year's Eve party. Peter lies to Simon about his and Toyah's relationship but the lad sees through him and threatens to tell Leanne upon her return. Dev thanks Mary for all she's done for him since Sunita's death and the twins give her a present of a bracelet. They share an emotional farewell. The Rovers' New Year party begins and Andy isn't pleased to see Phelan walk in. Peter tells Toyah that Simon is on to them. Desperate to get away, Andy phones a mate and asks him if he can crash on his floor. Johnny and Jenny prepare their own party. Johnny suggests to a delighted Jenny that she moves in with him. He has to deliver a late order for a customer's New Year sales and leaves Jenny to look after the party. Phelan overhears the end of Andy's call and threatens him with either prison or being found face down in a ditch. Andy, Steph, Luke and Tracy retire to the bistro. A gloating Jenny breaks the news of her move to Eva. Johnny's van breaks down and he calls Kevin out, leaving Anna and Jack alone. Norris tries to find out from Mary if she's reluctant to go but she avoids answering. Jack goes downstairs for a drink and breaks a glass. Anna comes downstairs to help him but falls, knocking herself unconscious. Unable to wake her, the frightened lad lets himself out. Andy slips out of the bistro after telling Steph he thinks the world of her. The residents count down to midnight as Andy packs a bag. As the New Year fireworks go off, Jack stands alone in the street, looking for help.


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Peter Barlow: "Your Auntie Toyah's been having a tough time at the moment. You know, her marriage has not been going too well."
Simon Barlow: "Oh, that's unusual for round 'ere."

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