Pat is recovering after an operation to evacuate the bleed on his brain. Eileen is relieved that he's out of danger. She tells Todd that Anna sent the hate mail, leading her to suspect Kevin of doing Pat in. Andy encourages Luke to report the row between Kevin and Pat to the police but Luke doesn't want to get involved. Andy eavesdrops when Tim tells Sally that he saw Kevin walking towards the builder's yard around when the attack took place. Anna gets no pleasure from Pat getting his comeuppance as she expects him to turn the situation to his advantage like he always does. David plans to make sure Max and Lily have a good Christmas even though he feels miserable. Bethany tasks Sarah with boosting her brother's spirits. Adam offers to take Liam to school. Maria refuses as their relationship isn't serious enough. Mary prepares to set off in search of her son, making her way through a list of Judes of the right age living in Newton-le-Willows. She buys a new outfit in case she gets lucky. Liz fancies her chances with Robert and cleans the living quarters to make a good impression. Sinead and Chesney plan a night out and invite Billy along. Luke joins them, while Sarah volunteers David. The police interview Andy and Steph. Andy points the finger at Kevin, reporting the argument between him and Pat and what he overheard from Tim. Robert rents 9 Victoria Court to get out of living at the Rovers. Michelle is surprised as he'd said he was skint. Tim reluctantly confirms to the police that he saw Kevin in Victoria Street before the attack. The police question Kevin, who denies assaulting Pat but doesn't hide his hatred of the man, admitting that he's disappointed Pat survived the attack. Maria takes a week off work to see as much as Liam as she can before going to court as she doesn't want him to visit her if she gets sent down. Anna suggests that Kevin may convince Eileen of his innocence if he's open about what happened between him and Pat earlier that day. Mary and Norris are invited into Jude Sawyer's home when he swallows their story about doing a survey. Kevin follows Anna's suggestion but Eileen isn't swayed. Luke drops out of the night out, while Todd joins it. A glum David sets off with Chesney, Sinead, Todd and Billy. Pat comes to and tells the police that he didn't get a look at his attacker but Kevin was hanging around outside shortly beforehand.


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