Eva is enjoying her time in the hotel. She goes to freshen up, leaving just before Maria arrives. Aidan asks her to leave but Eva soon returns and is surprised to find her there. Ken takes Peter and Daniel for a meal at the bistro. Daniel's evasive when Ken insists he tells Denise where he's living now. Quickly covering, Maria makes out she’s meeting a friend. Oblivious to their discomfort, Eva insists she joins them for a drink. Erica tries to work out Mary's secret from the content of her ring binder. Nessa is oblivious to the upset that her return has caused. Brian calls in the cafe and meets Nessa. She instantly starts to flirt with him and offers him a drink of her duty free. With Eva out of earshot, Maria tears a strip off Aidan and after pointing out that he clearly doesn’t care about either of them, slaps him across the face and storms out. Eva is oblivious to what's happened. Erica finds Mary in the Rovers and Sarah tells Erica that she's on her third drink. Mary is furious when Erica confesses that she's seen her private papers and storms out. Getting Daniel on his own, Peter quizzes him, convinced he’s been lying about Denise. Daniel finally admits that he’s never heard from her since she left six years ago. As Maria heads home in a filthy mood, Adam approaches and insists on taking her for a drink in the Rovers. Daniel refuses to let Ken be told the truth as it might affect his health but Peter's insistent. Aidan calls off his night in the hotel, citing a headache. Maria starts to enjoy Adam's company. Alex and Cathy watch on with disapproval at Nessa's brass neck as she and Brian chat. Erica finds Mary burning her papers in the back yard. She makes a guess that Maureen Nuttall is her mother but Mary refuses to talk about her. Tracy isn't pleased to see Adam and Maria together. Kate takes Alya for a drink where she offers her a place in her flat. Peter changes his mind about telling Ken about Daniel when his dad expresses his guilt about his own neglect. Alya tells Zeedan that she won't give up on trying to get him to accept her back into the family. Aidan returns to the street. Spotting him Maria leans in to kiss a delighted Adam, inviting him back to her flat. Aidan is riven with jealousy.


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Tracy Barlow: "How is it every time I see Maria chatting to a bloke I 'ear the theme tune from Jaws in me 'ead?"
Sarah Platt: "Oh ho, that's a bit rich coming from you!"

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