When Daniel stays out all night, Adam’s certain he’s run off with his car but Ken defends him. Eileen is short with Phelan as it's the day of Michael's funeral. Gary's back is given the okay for him to return to work. A funeral tea is prepared at No.8 with everyone trying to put on a cheerful face. Zeedan turns twenty-one and Yasmeen prepares a celebratory meal but breaks down at Sharif's betrayal. Daniel turns up on the street to accusations from Adam about his car. He and Tracy take him to the cafe to get some answers. Sean makes snide remarks to Brian for breaking Julie's heart. Ken admits to Mary how wonderful it’s been reconnecting with Daniel after years of estrangement. Peter is summoned to the cafe and presides over Daniel's interrogation. The lad is furious to learn that Tracy went prying in his flat. He is forced to admit that Denise walked out when he was fifteen and, bar payments sent to his debt card by her. Andy is down as the funeral approaches. Alya’s sad at being excluded from Zeedan’s celebrations. Taking pity, Rana urges her to call in at No.6 with her birthday gift. Peter decides Ken needs to learn about Daniel's story. Brian gets Norris to admit that and Sean are incompatible and he offers more money to be his new lodger. The cortege arrives and Gail invites a surprised Eileen to join them in their car, saying Michael would be happy if they patched things up. Phelan watches them go. Rana gives Yasmeen flowers as a thank-you for always making her welcome. Alya calls in with her present. Norris offers Sean a £5 rent reduction if he moves into the front room. He's furious. Ken’s dismayed as Daniel explains how he lived in fear of being taken into care and he has never been given a forwarding address by his mother. He admits that he's in debt as the payments from Denise have become erratic and the man hanging around No.1 may be after him for loans he's had to take out. Adam's disbelieving and still thinks he took the car. The two row and Ken has to walk out of the room. Zeedan rejects Alya's present of a set of chef's knives and rows with Rana for bringing her into the house. Ken tells Peter that Dr Gaddas has told him that he must avoid stress of any kind or he could have another stroke which would prove fatal.


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Gail Rodwell: "I can hear them now - the neighbours - joking about how many husbands I've buried."

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