At 5.00am, Phelan calls Vinny with the news their scam has been rumbled and indirectly confirms that Michael is dead - pointing out that he's "no longer onto them". As Phelan considers advancing their plans, Vinny tells him to proceed with what they've arranged and meet up later to travel to the airport together. Phelan doesn't realise that Vinny has already packed his bag and has his own passport ready. Gail’s frantic that Michael has been missing all night and is not answering his phone. Todd tries to find out from Phelan what the next steps are and is told not to worry. Vinny catches a cab to the airport, telling his next-door neighbour that he won’t be returning as he's off to Hawaii. Andy and Gary set out in search of Michael. Tracy quizzes Adam and Daniel about the stranger she caught snooping at No.1, suspecting they might owe money. Both deny all knowledge, but Daniel’s shifty and Tracy's intrigued. Guilty Todd grows suspicious of Phelan as he leaves the house bidding Eileen a loaded goodbye. Brian visits Ken at No.1 and reveals he has an interview at the council for promotion to a Recycling Czar. Adam and Daniel take the mickey. Todd arrives at the building site and discovers the office has been broken into. He spots Michael's body. Roy’s unhappy after Michelle and Cathy come up with fancy ideas for the wedding. Brian notes his discomfort. As Gemma eagerly anticipates meeting Peter Andre at the Good Samaritan Awards, Rita pampers her with lunch and a new outfit. Jenny is getting annoyed at her presence in the flat though. After taking a call from an oblivious Jason, a frantic Todd rings the police. Peter considers becoming a taxi driver. Anna frets about Michael before she goes to physio. Simon is delighted when a girl he is interested in responds to his texts. The police quiz Todd about his discovery of Michael's body. He stresses Michael's past burglary record. Brian worries how his interview went. Seeing Roy's anxiety, Brian suggests he makes a start on his groom’s speech. Gail waits anxiously in the Rovers for news. All dolled-up, Gemma sets off to the awards. At the bar, Eileen takes a call from Todd and after hearing the news a look passes between her and Gail. Roy is stuck for inspiration for his speech. Phelan arrives at Vinny’s ready to set off for the airport but learns from the neighbour that Vinny left at 8.00am this morning. Finding that Vinny's mobile is disconnected, he starts to grow anxious.


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