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Kate celebrates her birthday. Eileen wonders if Phelan is keeping something from her. Tracy suspects that Ken's mystery visitor is trying to recruit him to a cult. Michael goes to inspect the development but is seen off by Vinny's guard dogs. David and Sarah tell Gail about Gary. Gail is disappointed in Sarah, but Sarah tells her she needs a relationship that isn't based on a lie. Anna hides in her flat, not yet ready to face the world. Faye confronts Craig about the "threat" he issued to Seb. He's amazed when she says that Seb is the only good thing in her life. Sarah asks Gary if he still loves her and asks her not to punish her for what David did. He asks for time to think. A Jaguar pulls up outside The Kabin from which Adam emerges. Strolling into the factory, he pours himself a glass of whisky and raises a toast to his dad. Gemma hasn't won the Good Samaritan Award but she is invited to the ceremony on Monday, where Peter Andre will be singing. Eileen decides to take the day off work to go and surprised to find that Phelan has already done so. Michael tells Eileen what he overheard from Pat word-for-word, exacerbating her suspicions. Johnny and Aidan find Adam in the factory office and send him packing. Aidan is peeved when he flirts with Eva on his way out. Kirk learns that Maria has been charged with Caz's murder. Peter and Tracy are happy to see Adam and impressed when he drives them to the hospital in the Jag. Phelan accidentally leaves his phone in the cafe. Faye picks it up and pockets it. Eileen demands an explanation from Phelan about the holiday he booked on her behalf. He explains that he was going to suggest a day's shopping in London on Monday and plays dumb when she asks if Mexico means anything to him. Phelan leaves when it becomes clear that Tim is eavesdropping. Peter and Tracy hope that, with Adam there, Ken will agree to see them, but he still refuses them admittance. Tracy barges in anyway and finds a man reading to Ken. He tells the Barlows that he's Ken's son Daniel Osbourne. Tim tells Michael that Phelan may be hiding something in his rucksack, based on what he heard earlier. Gary makes up with Sarah. Michael questions Phelan about the rucksack in front of everyone in the Rovers. To his amazement, Phelan opens the bag and removes his "secret" - an engagement ring - and asks Eileen to marry him.


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