Lucille tells Annie that she should apologise to Betty. Val tries to persuade Beattie that Alice is good for Albert. Annie kids on to Betty that she's coping well but nevertheless wonders if she'd like to return to the Rovers. Betty agrees to give her an answer by dinnertime. Alice buys Albert a cap for his birthday. It's clear that she has some doubts about the wedding. Annie drops her pride and apologises to Betty and she returns to work behind the bar. Len decides to recommend Ray for the tender, knowing he can't afford it. Cyril convinces Beattie that Albert has no money to leave Alice by telling her that Albert's borrowed money off him. Ray gets the tender and shows Len it's Dave's money that's backing him. Beattie wishes Albert and Alice every happiness. Audrey leaves the garage to become Ray's secretary. He assures her he doesn't fancy her and gives her £2 a week more than the £8 she was getting at the petrol station. Ray buys a new convertible with his new-found wealth. Dave tells him to get rid of it and suggests he reads the small print of their contract but Ray refuses. Len tells Maggie that Ray will do well with the contract. Maggie tells Lucille that Audrey got the secretary's job when she thought it had been promised to her. Alice shows Val a photograph of a soldier and tells her that it's a "just cause and impediment" that could stop the wedding.


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Alice Pickins (to Albert Tatlock): "When they invented the word ‘impossible’ they must have had you in mind."

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