The guests have left leaving the family to talk but Yasmeen asks Zeedan and Alya to go as well. Yasmeen asks Sharif and Sonia how long they’ve been seeing each other. When Sharif reveals that it’s seven years, Yasmeen’s devastated. Roy and Cathy visit Anna who puts on a brave face but has doubts about Kevin's commitment to her now that she feels she's disfigured. Sonia reveals that Sharif visited her for comfort when Kal died and she orders her to leave her house. Gail isn't pleased that Gary has been invited to the bonfire party. He arrives with Jake and he and Sarah make eyes at each other. At the interview, the police reveal that a mobile phone was purchased with a credit card in Maria’s name and the abusive messages were sent from that phone. She’s horrified. Zeedan, Alya and Rana wait in the bistro, getting impatient with each other. Roy and Cathy return home just as after Gemma has emerged from the shower. Telling Gail how much he loves her, Michael reveals his plans for them to renew their vows. Delighted, she says yes. Zeedan and Alya return home just as Yasmeen accuses her husband of hypocrisy. Guilt-ridden, Alya reveals she's known the truth for weeks. Gemma thanks Roy and Cathy for their hospitality. A love struck Alex tells Roy and Cathy he’d like to invite Gemma to their wedding along with Nessa. After a change of heart, Roy tells a delighted Cathy he’d be more than happy to have a church wedding. Yasmeen correctly guesses that Sharif bought Alya's silence with the share of Underworld and Alya admits she blackmailed her grandfather. Cash withdrawals were also made in London using the credit card and it dawns on Maria that Caz must have followed her down there. The police tell her they'll be interviewing Pablo. Gary assures David he knows the crash was an accident and doesn’t blame him for Anna’s injuries but David’s still consumed with guilt. Sarah overhears their conversation. Not wishing to be a burden, Anna tells Kevin they should call it a day. Yasmeen demands that both Sharif and Alya to pack a bag each and leave. Kevin refuses to leave Anna to face her problem alone. She shows him the photo of her injuries and makes it clear that they're finished. Alone, Zeedan comforts Yasmeen. Sarah follows Gary out of the house, thanking him for what said to David, kisses him. Maria arrives back on the street and confides in Aidan how the police seem to think she’s killed Caz and Aidan hugs her close. From the shadows, Caz watches them.


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Bethany Platt (to Gary Windass): "You'll have to excuse my gran. I swear she could suck the fun out of a bouncy castle."

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