Zeedan thinks he made a fool of himself with his proposal to Rana but Alya thinks it’s no big matter. She can’t stay in the room though when Yasmeen talks about how happy she and Sharif are. The salon flat is still a crime scene, annoying Audrey and upsetting Maria. In an attempt to save face, Zeedan tries to retract his proposal but Rana surprises him by telling him she would love to get married - Zeedan’s thrilled. Sharif packs Sonia’s things, telling her that Dev has agreed that she can move into the Corner Shop flat. She’s pleased, saying they can use it for secret trysts. Zeedan and Rana share their happy news with the family. Sonia feels excluded. Fiz and Tyrone hear from Aidan about the blood in the flat. Fiz insists that Tyrone tells the police what he heard from Caz but he refuses. Audrey comforts Maria, telling her that Caz can’t have just disappeared off the face of the earth. Aidan berates Kate for involving the authorities but she’s defensive. Johnny supports Aidan’s stance. Yasmeen suggests they throw an engagement party and give Jamila’s wedding necklace to Zeedan to pass on to Rana. Sharif makes it clear to a hurt Sonia that she won’t be welcome at the party. In the factory, Johnny announces that they’ve received an order for thirty basques and Alya’s delighted that her business venture is finally off the ground. Kirk and Kate clash over Maria and Caz. Fiz tells Kate what Caz told Tyrone about the threatening messages and that Maria has form on this matter. Alya makes a bitchy remark to a hurt Sonia who reveals her affair with Sharif has been going on for over seven years - Alya’s devastated; she originally believed it was only one night and abuses Sonia back. She's unmoved. Maria sees Fiz and Kate talking to the police. Michael confides in Andy that he’d like to renew his vows with Gail and asks him to be his best man. Gemma admits to Alex that she’s secretly sleeping in the kebab shop as she daren’t return to the estate, fearing for her life. In the orangery, Yasmeen overhears Sharif suggesting to Sonia that it’s time to end their fling. She’s stunned. DS MacKinnon questions Maria about her marriage to Pablo Duarte. She’s unnerved. Alya finds an upset Yasmeen. She tells her that she’s discovered the affair and is determined not to let Sharif get away with it.


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