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Part One: Mary borrows Beth's tabard and does her community service so that Beth can see Craig in court. Gail becomes hysterical over David but Sarah is sure he's playing a trick on them. Kirk complains to Audrey that he hasn't been able to get Caz out of the flat. Anna encourages Gary to forget about Sarah. Mary hides in the lavatory when the supervisor asks her to sign the worksheet. She gets Beth to rescue her, with Beth leaving the public gallery while Craig is in the witness box. Her noisy departure distracts Craig. Peter and Leanne are civil to each other. Peter assumes that her baby is Nick's and wishes them well. Kevin and Luke leave Tyrone to close the garage while they get the drinks in to celebrate Anna and Faye moving into No.13. The cannister filled car is thus left unattended.

Part Two: At the Red Rec, Beth swaps places with Mary, who climbs out of the lavatory window to freedom. Sarah summons Nick to the bistro to get him to check on David but before they get there Gail herself opens the cellar door. As Gail is cradling his seemingly lifeless body, David suddenly comes to life and makes a run for it. Once above ground, he heads for the empty garage and, after grabbing his keys, gets into his car with the intention of carrying out his suicide mission. Audrey tells Caz, as Maria's landlord, to vacate the flat. Sally wishes Kevin and Anna well. Gemma takes the stand at Clayton's trial. The defence asserts that Kylie could have attacked Clayton which Gemma is unable to counter as she'd been knocked out by the time Kylie appeared on the scene. The Platts try to reason with David while he tries to start the car. He pours petrol around inside the vehicle to make his family back off. Fiz, who is babysitting Lily, loses sight of the girl. David succeeds in starting his car and sets off at high speed. As he drives down Coronation Street, he sees Lily in the middle of the road and desperately tries to swerve out of the way. In the process the car hits the skip outside No.7 and flips over. Gary grabs hold of Lily just before the car hits her and is seemingly crushed along with her as the car lands on its roof.


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