Nick initiates Gail's plan by switching off the bistro's electrics, putting it out of business until further notice. He tells Robert to let him handle it. Nick advises Leanne to tell Tracy about Steve's possible Myotonic Dystrophy herself. Unbeknown to Leanne, Steve has already booked a test. He's unnerved when Liz and Michelle are nice to him at the breakfast table. Gail arranges a family dinner in the closed bistro. Tracy is surprised to learn that Ken has booked his entire European tour over the weekend and he leaves tomorrow for eight weeks. She didn't think he'd go through with it and tries to make him feel guilty for leaving Amy for so long. Robert ignores Nick and hires Pat to look at the electrics. Nick pays Pat to tell Robert that the electrics are best left to the man who installed them. As he's loading his car with petrol cans, David finds out from the liaison officer that Clayton is appearing in court today and decides to move his plan forward. He waits outside Weatherfield Crown Court until he sees the prison van carrying Clayton arrive but when the moment comes the car doesn't start and he misses his chance. Gary is puzzled when Sarah blanks him in the Street until Andy reminds him about the court case and suggests that she has other things on her mind. Tracy refuses to give Ken her blessing before he leaves on his tour. David has to have his car towed to the garage. Mary makes Tracy realise that she's only angry with Ken because she'll miss him. Steve has the test, while elsewhere in the Street an oblivious Leanne fills Tracy in. Ken arrives home to find a packet of cigarettes on the table - Peter is back. The Platts have a candlelit dinner at the bistro. Nick lures David to the cellar to help choose wines. Once there, he and Gail lock David inside.


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