Leanne does her best to hide her inner turmoil as an oblivious Michelle reveals there's a 50% chance that Steve may have Myotonic Dystrophy. She tries to be a comfort to a grieving Michelle and agrees to keep the news quiet. Bethany comes clean to Sarah about how, in desperation, she started taking diet pills even though Gary had warned her not to. Sarah is upset to realise Gary knew what was going on. David heads out of the court building. He watches as a prison van pulls up at the back, a plan forming in his mind. Eileen, barely holding her patience in check, attends a farcical interview with Tim who uses questions provided by Sally and is hired. She asks for a pay rise. Steve breaks the news to a stunned Liz. Faye surreptitiously lets boyfriend Seb Franklin into Izzy's bungalow as she babysits Jake. They start kissing on the sofa. Leanne calls into the bistro and tells Nick about Jim's genetic condition and how their baby could be affected. Sarah lays into Gary for not telling her about the pills and refuses to listen to his excuses, telling him to stay away from her and Bethany. Liz is horrified to realise that Amy and the unborn baby may have MD and tells him to consider Leanne. Nick finds out that there is a genetic test that Steve could take and insists that he's asked to do so. Audrey tells Gail that David's gone AWOL. Kevin and Anna find Faye with Seb at Izzy's and demand to know what's going on. David gets an idea from one of Max's toy dumper trucks. Anna rips into Faye when she finds out that she and Seb have been seeing each other for three weeks and tells her that she refuses to go through another teenage pregnancy. Liz comforts Michelle. Steve gets texts from Nick demanding to see him. He is therefore distracted when Tim breaks the news of Eileen being re-employed with a pay rise. Gail is bemused to find a clearly upbeat David making the tea and playing word games with Max and Lily. Steve goes to Nick's flat where he refuses to take the test and warns Nick and Leanne to keep out of his business.


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