David tells the police that he was out walking by himself when the brick was thrown at Macca. He won't say how he got his facial injuries. The police call at No.8 to ask Gail to corroborate David's story. Gail confirms that he went for a walk and notes that he spends a lot of time on his own. Gail lies to the police that she doesn't know how David was injured, earning her Michael's disapproval. Audrey insists on looking after Freddie at Grasmere Drive while he's recuperating. Eileen asks Todd for a record of who has been sold each flat. Todd stops her by explaining that they double book the luxury apartment and steer customers towards another one to encourage them to buy. She's appalled at their unethical sales techniques. David is released from police custody as a witness has told them that they saw Macca's neighbour throw the brick through the window. Tim crows to Steve that he's having Tommy Orpington over for dinner. Steve accuses him of stealing Tommy. Pat backs up Todd's story and reassures Eileen that it will result in more profit. She demands that he tell Rita the truth. Gary complains to Izzy that Sharif isn't buying any new gym equipment even though there's plenty in the account. Gary notices how often Bethany is running and wonders if she's back on the diet pills. She insists she isn't. David goes to Weatherfield General to see Macca, claiming to be his cousin. He has to wait until he's come out of the operating theatre. Freddie doesn't want to be a burden on Audrey and is grateful when Tyrone offers to put him up at No.9 instead. After Tim entertains Tommy, Kevin and Steve in his conservatory, the men play football in the street. Tim and Steve are determined to prove to Tommy that each of them is the better footballer. Izzy tells Sarah about Bethany's extreme running regime. Pat tells Rita that her flat was double booked accidentally but she still has it as the other person has been persuaded to take another one. Max wins a trophy for swimming and is upset that an AWOL David didn't see him. David finds out that Macca will make a full recovery but is told that he can't see anyone today. Regardless of this fact, David goes into his room, hell bent on revenge.


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