A jubilant Macca and his gang leave the Dog & Gun, failing to clock the assault taking place a few paces away. Phil lets David go, threatening to finish the job if he comes near Lauren again. Todd tries to mollify Vinny by suggesting that Eileen cancel the tile order but as she paid in full they have no choice but to take delivery. Audrey sees Freddie and Rita embarking on their evening out in a taxi. The Platts are stunned when David saunters home with a bloodied face, giving them no explanation. Pat persuades Vinny to overlook Eileen's faux pas by reminding him that they'll get their money back. Steve and Tim place themselves at the bar forcing Tommy Orpington to pass by them when he finishes his meeting with Michelle. When he does appear, their plan to act casual goes out the window and they're momentarily starstruck. After a few awkward moments, Tim takes a selfie with Tommy while Steve buys him a pint. David admits to the Platts that he cut Lauren's hair and her dad beat him as payback. Eileen is surprised when Vinny apologises to her. David privately admits to Nick that he was at the Dog & Gun to hurt Macca. Steph is disappointed when Leanne tells her she'll be in the running to cover her as manager when she goes on maternity leave - she expected to be offered the position. Eileen rocks the apple cart again when she tells Pat and Vinny that she's left Street Cars to work on the project full-time. Steve, Tim and Tyrone fawn over Tommy in the Rovers and argue over who gets to drive him to a promo, with Steve winning. Nick cautions David against taking revenge. David knows that Kylie would have agreed and agrees to drop his vendetta but his face tells a different story. Andy puts a good word in for Steph with Leanne. Freddie and Rita have a lousy time at the Zambezi. After walking Rita home, Freddie tells Audrey that he didn't move from his barstool and wishes she'd been there. Leanne tells Steph that the job is hers. In an internet cafe, David discloses underage Clayton's identity on a news article about his trial.


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