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Caz shows no signs of leaving the area and tells Audrey that she's received some back pay from the army. Lauren's dad Phil begins shadowing David. Steve perks up when Michelle mentions that she's planning County's Tommy Orpington's wedding, and that he's coming over today. She swears him to secrecy as she doesn't want a fuss but he immediately tells Tim. Rita decides to buy one of the new flats for Jenny. Andy bores Steph by going on about the short story he's written. Nick and Leanne are back from Tenerife. Freddie invites Audrey along to a farewell do at the old Zambezi nightclub which is closing its doors. Audrey turns him down as she thinks it'll be no fun. Steve and Tim want to meet Tommy and work out a plan of action. David sees the grief counsellor but, only doing so to appease Gail, he gives the counsellor scant attention and spends the entire session on his phone. Eileen quits Street Cars when Tim asks her to choose between them and Phelan's development. Andy is upset when Steph reads his story only to slag it off. Freddie is impressed when Rita tells him she used to sing at the Zambezi. The discussion prompts her to remember him from when he worked on the door. She graciously accepts his invitation to come along tonight in Audrey's place. Vinny is on the warpath as £30,000 has gone missing from the company account. Eileen tells him she ordered tiles for the flats as there was a sale on. He calls her a stupid bint. An obsessed David watches Macca enjoying himself at The Dog & Gun but before he can go inside Phil grabs him. David's pleas for mercy are ignored as Phil gives him a beating.


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