Linda is still staying with Elsie after the Christmas break and Ivan writes to her asking when she’s coming back home. Elsie is annoyed with Dennis for making a noise when he returned at 3.30am the night before. He tells her that Arnold Tanner was in the club again and he’s going to call on her to sort things out between them. Ida is annoyed when she finds that Ken has spent £1 on a rare book and warns him not to tell Frank. Ken has some friends coming round and Ida wonders what he’s up to. Christine has returned to work after the funeral. Ena thinks people didn’t show the correct level of respect at the event. She and Martha argue again in the Corner Shop. Factory workers Glynis and Sheila see Malcolm arrive at No.13. He apologises for keeping away but Christine shuts the door in his face, knowing that he took another woman out the night before. The girls enjoy watching the spectacle. Ken and his student friends prepare posters for a “Ban the Bomb” demo. Ida and David arrive home in the midst of the preparations. She tells Ken that he can’t go on the march. Arnold turns up after fifteen years and asks Elsie to give him a divorce so that he can marry again - she refuses. Ena sees him storm out of the house and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Ron Bailey organises May’s insurance policy claim for Christine. Ena spreads it about in the Rovers that Elsie has a fancy man and is told off for doing so by Concepta. Jack and Annie spot that there’s something different about Harry’s bus uniform. Ena thinks Concepta has deliberately given her an off bottle of stout. Harry is congratulated when he reveals that he’s been promoted to Inspector.


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Notable dialogue

Ena Sharples: (to Florrie Lindley, after Martha Longhurst enters the Corner Shop) "Ooh, I've just 'ad a whiff of a filthy smell. 'As somebody brought somethin' bad back?"
Florrie Lindley: "No."
Ena Sharples: "You could've kidded me."
Martha Longhurst: "Alright, alright, Ena, we get yer meaning - yer wicked old besom!"
Ena Sharples: (to Florrie) "Oh, an' while I'm 'ere, I'll 'ave a bottle of disinfectant - the strongest you've got. I've some fumigating as wants doin'."


Glynis: (about Ena Sharples) "I've 'eard she's got religious mania."

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