Hilda has trouble removing the stain from Stan's trousers. Elsie sends them a note as they are overdue the first £5 repayment. Lucille questions Ray about his living arrangements at No.3 with the Flemings. Hilda looks forward to Annie's return and her reaction when she finds Betty still in situ. Albert and Alice plan their wedding, bickering over the choice of hymns. Ray tells Dave Smith he needs £1,700 for the Albert Park central heating contract. Annie returns from Joan's, shocked at seeing Betty behind the bar. She insists that she's sacked but Betty refuses to take heed. Stan begins his first photographic round. Annie isn't pleased to see changes behind the bar, instituted by Betty. She demands that she is given formal notice but Jack refuses, saying to do it herself. Len and Cyril set about finding Cliff Stone's family but Len can't find anything from the council social services. They decide to try Dr. Barnado's. Len tries to get some refurbishment work from Dave. Alice demands a new wedding ring off Albert, even though he thinks she should use her old one to save money, shocking her and Val. Alice asks a delighted Val to be her matron of honour. Len finds the two Stone lads in a Church of England home near Royton, following the recent death of their mother. Cyril agrees to tell Stone. Hilda ruins Stan's trousers trying to get the stain out but on Lucille's advice goes on the attack against her exhausted husband before he can start on her. Annie tells Betty she's dealt with her sort before. Dave gives a delighted Ray £2,000 and becomes a partner in his business.


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