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Alya tells Sonia how much she is hurting her family and how vile she and Sharif are. She threatens to tell Yasmeen everything. Roy advises Cathy to take care with what she now knows. Aadi and Asha arrange flowers from the school garden into bouquets for Dev to sell in the corner shop. Kirk mopes on the sofa with Ozzy listening to sad songs and refusing to listen to words of reason from Maria. Sharif learns from Sonia about Alya's threat. Roy warns Cathy to wait until her anger has subsided before she tells Alex the truth about his father, before whisking him off for a day at the allotment to avoid him being told about his parentage. Beth tells Maria that she's in court today and asks her advice. Getting annoyed by Kirk's hangdog attitude, Maria tells her to try again with him and make a meaningful apology. Alya bumps into her gran but doesn't tell her what she knows. Andy writes a short horror story but Steph is less than encouraging of his efforts. A reluctant Michelle makes a wedding booking for her business with Robert. Aidan tells Alya that Sinead's bespoke designs are not economically viable for the start-up costs of equipment. She offers to put up half the money. Mary's singing in the flower shop starts to annoy Tracy. She finds out from Beth that Dev is selling flowers in direct competition with her. Michelle insists that she deals with Steph and not Robert in her negotiations. Mary insists on reading Andy's uncompleted story. Beth lets herself into the salon flat and apologises to Kirk with flowers. She tearfully tells him how much she loves him. Kirk accepts the offered bouquet but refuses to agree to accompany her to court. Tracy confronts Dev and the twins but is given the brush-off. Erica is sceptical of the twins' business. Alya witnesses Todd giving the sales patter to Sharif, Sonia and Yasmeen in the bistro. Alex guesses that Cathy has found out what he's known for a long time - that Alan was his father. Roy is aghast. Sharif tells Alya to stop interfering in his business saying it would be the end of his marriage and destroy her gran. She agrees, but tells him that it'll cost him £14,000 for her keep quiet.


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