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His olive branch to Lauren having been a ploy, David pulls her head back and tells her to promise to stop bullying Bethany. When Lauren stands up to him, he cuts her hair off and warns her it'll be her throat next time. An outraged Lauren flees the salon, still wearing the gown. Bethany is horrified to see the state of her, while Gemma thinks it's hilarious. Caz manages to delay her interview and change her clothes. Faye decides to help Craig and gets the name of the prison where his dad is serving his sentence from Kirk. Caz misses her interview again when the bus arrives early. David covers his tracks by marking an appointment for Lauren in the book. He vows to protect his family. Maria counters criticism that she's leading Luke on, assuring Michelle and Rita that he knows that there are no strings attached with regards to tonight's date. She's dismayed when he arrives dressed in a tux. On their way out, they run into a miserable Caz who hasn't moved from the bus stop. Maria sees that she needs a friend and takes her home, asking Luke to wait for her. The police arrest David for affray and false imprisonment after Lauren reports him. David pretends that Lauren is just a dissatisfied customer, with Gemma acting as a witness. He receives a caution. Billy becomes increasingly uneasy about Todd living with him. Todd assures him that it's temporary. Caz opens up to Maria about how her world collapsed when she left the army and doesn't think she's cut out for the civvy life. Maria cancels her date with Luke to be there for her. Eva asks Aidan why he hasn't moved his things over to the flat yet. To mollify her, he agrees to do so tonight. A heartbroken Luke goes out on the town alone. David and Bethany don't tell the family what happened with Lauren. After their heart-to-heart, Caz catches a glimpse of Maria changing her clothes. David promises Gail that he'll throw the hoodie away but secretly he's still obsessed with Kylie's death as he sends a friend request to Macca through a fake social media account on the internet.


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