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Todd is hung-over, having got plastered after his row with Billy. Gemma arrives for work at the kebab shop late and in a foul mood. Sarah apologises to Gary for accusing him of being after Bethany and asks him to come along to the meeting with Bethany's headmaster Mr Griffin as backup. Todd thinks he's lost Billy but Eva tells him that she's seen Billy and he wants to make up. Vinny is annoyed when Eileen pitches ideas for the flats, wanting to be involved on Jason's behalf. Todd calls at the vicarage and takes back the things he said to Billy. He assures him that he didn't cop off with anyone when he stormed off. They make up. Gail finds David's bloodied hoodie from Kylie's death stashed under his bed. She's disappointed as she thought he'd made progress by throwing it away. Gary, Sarah and Bethany arrive at Weatherfield High for the meeting with Mr Griffin, Lauren and her mum. Bethany is in the middle of telling Mr Griffin about Lauren bullying her when Lauren shows them the bruise from their scrap at the gym and accuses Bethany of being the bully. Mr Griffin stops the meeting and suspends them both when an argument between Sarah and Lauren's mum gets heated. Vinny doesn't want Eileen sticking her oar into their business and tells Phelan to sort it out or else he will. Sally hosts the mediation meeting between Beth and Craig. Craig starts the proceedings by telling Beth that he never thought about how hard it must be to be a parent and he's realised that he takes her for granted. Gary advises Sarah to keep an eye on Bethany's gym routine. Gemma brightens up when Dev promotes her to assistant manager, although Dev admits to Phelan that it was a meaningless promotion meant to placate her. Phelan decides to try the same trick with Eileen and offers to make her concepts executive on the flats project, which will mean travelling to various design shows. Later, a thrilled Eileen brags about it to Todd who instantly realises that Phelan is merely fobbing her off. Eileen is sick of his constant remarks about Phelan and tells him to move out of No.11. Beth and Craig's meeting seems to have gone well but they're set back to square one when it becomes obvious that Beth didn't listen to what Craig said. He calls her selfish. Todd turns up at the vicarage and asks to stay with Billy. To Todd's surprise and delight, Billy says it's ok.


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