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With Sally back on side, Eileen tells Phelan that she will transfer Jason's money today. Caz is disappointed when Maria doesn't ask her to stay at the flat longer. Jenny asks Johnny to change his mind regarding the workers' overtime pay before they find out that she was the one who shopped them. He refuses as he caught them red-handed. Maria is shaken when she receives a phone call but nobody speaks. Outside, Caz kills the call. The Underworld workers wonder how Johnny caught them and wonder if management is spying on them. Sally has no sympathy for them. Todd hears about Eileen transferring Jason's money when Phelan gloats about it. Maria makes Caz promise not to end up on a park bench again. Liam finds his dad's old watch, stolen in the robbery, in Caz's bag. Caz tells Maria she found it in the street near the gym and didn't make the connection. Maria believes her. The factory staff refuse to do any more overtime until they've been told how Johnny knew about the film so that they can be sure they're not being spied on. When Johnny puts them on a warning, Sally takes up their cause and leads them in a walkout. Todd tells Eileen she's making a mistake but she has already transferred the £65,000. Michelle picks up on the tension between Liz and Steve. Maria stops Caz getting on a bus and asks her to stay. Steve warns Liz to start covering up her feelings better or he'll have no choice but to ask her to move out.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Maria tells Caz that she would like her to find somewhere else to stay; the Underworld staff are furious with Johnny for docking their wages; and Steve informs Liz that if she can't disguise her feelings over the situation with Leanne then she needs to move out.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,550,000 viewers (6th place).
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