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Alice tells Ena she's worried that with Val and Ken back from Scotland, Albert will have no time for her. Having spent most of the suit money on drink, Stan is concerned how they will pay Elsie back her £50 by the weekend. Hilda manages to retain her temper with him but insists he gets another job. Betty refuses to accept her sacking and carries on working, lording it over Hilda. Emily guesses that Ena is still disturbed by the noises she's heard when she overhears her questioning Cyril if some burglars have been caught. Albert insists Ken and Val move in to look after him and replace Alice but they are adamant that she stays. Both Len and Ray refuse to take Stan back on. Ena is disturbed by Cliff Stone watching her carefully in the Rovers. Both she and Elsie think they recognise him. After closing hours, Ena carefully locks up the Camera Shop. Elsie cheerfully lets Stan find the money in as much time as he needs. Hilda is frustrated that Betty is still behind the bar. She takes her temper out on Elsie and slags her off to her face, making her change her mind and demanding £5 a week. Hilda has to confess to an angry Stan that she's spoiled his easy payment arrangement. Ena tells Albert he needs someone to look after him permanently or he'll end up in an OAP home and suggests he weds Alice. Elsie helps out behind the Rovers' bar. Ray almost provokes Len into hitting him and Betty orders him to leave. Elsie suddenly remembers that Stone is an ex-con, just out of prison. Ena settles into bed for the night but the shop below is entered again. Ena is disturbed by the noise downstairs and catches Stone in the studio with the floorboards up. He warns her that he's a desperate man.


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