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A hung-over Robert misses a delivery after spending the night in the bistro. Aidan plans a night in with Eva to lift her spirits. Johnny suggests they use his flat as he and Kate will be out. Leanne goes for a job interview at a fast food restaurant in Manchester. She agrees to meet Nick afterwards to hear his business plan. Eileen takes a call from Julie revealing that she and Brian have split up. Sean is bitchy towards Todd. Maria gets Luke to invite David along to a darts match with Kirk. Phelan's mate Vinny Ashford offers him a job converting an old building into flats. Phelan is interested. Anna reminds Gary that he'll have to tell Izzy that he doesn't want to get back with her before she gets out of prison next week. Phelan asks Eileen if she'll let him invest Jason's £80,000 in the flat conversion job. She's too worried about Jason to give it any thought but mentions that £15,000 has been placed in an ISA at Sean's suggestion. Leanne meets Nick at the Rovers after a bad interview. Phelan asks Vinny for more time to lay his hands on the money. Vinny lets him know that the development is a scam. Nick plans to set up a bistro in competition with Robert. Leanne realises he's only interested in settling a score and decides not to go in with him. Gary is thinking about reconciling with Izzy for Jake's sake. Anna thinks he's too young to settle for a relationship of convenience. Phelan pretends to feel sorry for Sean and pretends that Billy stayed over at No.11 last night and sneaked out early. Kevin teases Freddie about him and Audrey. Sean finds Todd and Billy kissing at No.11. He is dismissive of their relationship, warning Billy that Todd will get soon bored with him. As they're joined by Phelan and Eileen, Sean decides that he can no longer live under the same roof as Todd and asks Eileen to choose between them.


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