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Hilda is nervous around Cyril and questions him about his investigation of the stolen suit lengths. Annie fusses over Jack, worried over his health. Albert is laid up in bed with bruised ribs and a broken arm. Elsie and Len visit and bring a present of a bottle of rum. Alice is nursing him, receiving no gratitude whatsoever. Ena and Emily return drunk from the ceremony to collect the prize for Ernie's photo of Ena. Ray buys some of the sixteen suit lengths from Hilda. Stan arrives home drunk but sobers up when Hilda tells him that Cyril is on his case. He insists that he bought the lengths from a man down the market. In the middle of the night, Ena hears noises from the Camera Shop below and thinks it's Emily. Annie refuses to buy any of the lengths from Hilda. Annie breaks down, having got it into her head that Jack failed his brewery medical and something is wrong with him. To put her mind at ease he agrees to go to the doctor. Hilda tries to flog some lengths to Elsie. Emily tells Ena she was nowhere near the shop during the night. Doctor Mackay tells Jack he's as sound as a bell and hears that Annie is worrying. Albert grumbles at everything that Alice does. Ena buys suit length for Albert. Hilda starts to panic that Cyril is getting closer to the truth and they should get rid of the items. Annie isn't convinced by Jack's report from the doctor. Ena worries about the noises she's been hearing. Ray brings Cyril into No.13, having told him about the suit lengths. Stan pretends they don't have them now but Cyril insists Stan produces them for him by tomorrow.


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Emily Nugent (To Ena Sharples after a confusing talk with Hilda Ogden): "I find things rather a strain with Mrs Ogden. I begin to doubt my reason after a while."

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