Eileen storms out of the cab office and angrily orders Billy and Todd out of Tyrone's taxi. The boys are horrified to realise she heard their conversation over the radio and she orders Todd back to No.11. David refuses to change his mind and allow Gemma to attend the funeral. Michelle can't understand Leanne's attitude. Steve is disturbed when Leanne calls into the Rovers to speak to his wife. Back at No.11, Eileen rails at Todd, accusing him of destroying other people's relationships for the sake of it but he throws her fling with Michael in her face. Leanne apologises to Michelle. Behind her back, Steve demands to know from Leanne from what she's playing at. David lets Max choose the music for the funeral. Gail's unsure, pointing out that a funeral is meant to be a dignified affair but is persuaded otherwise. Zeedan texts Rana and summons her to No.6. She apologises to him for failing to respect his beliefs when they're actually to be admired. They agree to give it another chance. Sean arrives home from seeing Dylan in London bearing gifts for Eileen and Todd. Eileen feels terrible knowing how hurt he'll be when he finds out about Todd and Billy. Max chooses burger and chips for the funeral food and asks to give the eulogy. Sarah announces she's not returning to hospital as it's clear her family needs her. Gail and Bethany try to persuade her that she needs to complete her treatment but she's adamant she's staying put. Sean sees Billy and Todd together in the Rovers but doesn't suspect anything. Michelle announces to Steve that she's booked them a few days in Ireland with her parents. Becky's ill and rings to say she can't return for the funeral. Max writes his eulogy. Gail and Sarah put pressure on David to let Gemma attend the funeral. Eileen insists that Todd must tell Sean the truth and soon. Calling in the kebab shop, David tells Gemma he's changed his mind and she can come to the funeral on Monday provided she keeps Macca and the others away. Todd agrees to tell Sean after the funeral and Eileen promises her support when he does. David confides in Sarah that he's going to make sure someone pays for Kylie's death.


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