Steve is the recipient of Leanne's summons. Mary confirms to Dev and Erica that nothing happened between her and Dev at the hotel as he was passed out drunk. Mary laughs at the idea and tells Dev that he's no Brendan. Sally ropes her guests into looking for Barry but they soon escape to the Rovers. Yasmeen lends a hand. Steve takes Leanne through to the back room in the Rovers where she tells him that she's pregnant with his baby. Jenny realises she's been stood up by Johnny and goes off to the Rovers with Kevin. Steve and Leanne blame each other for Leanne getting pregnant. Leanne gets annoyed when he asks if she's sure it's his. She tells him that he's the only man she's been with since Kal. Kevin makes Jenny feel better and tells her that she deserves better than being treated like a doormat. Michelle interrupts Steve and Leanne rowing. Leanne makes up a story about Amy acting up to fob her off. David and Max pick songs for Kylie's funeral. Sally fears the mayor will blame her for Barry going missing and her council career will be over. Giving up on finding the dog, Sally explains to Yasmeen that she came from a rough background and only ever wanted to better herself. Yasmeen turns around on her and says she admires her. Johnny finally arrives to pick up Jenny. She tells him it's too late to go out now and they should call it a day. Steve apologises to Leanne for the way he reacted and promises to pay half for an abortion. She tells him that she's keeping the baby as it might be her last chance to have a child. Sally and Yasmeen return to No.4 and are taken aback to find Barry with his owners, Tim and Sharif watching a DVD; they didn't tell them Barry turned up in order to teach them a lesson. Leanne assures Steve that nobody need know that he's the father of her baby and she doesn't expect anything from him. He doesn't think he can live a lie.


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Notable dialogue

Sally Metcalfe: "D'ya know, I remember when I first came here and I lodged with Hilda Ogden. Between you and I, she was as common as muck. Decent, you know but you hardly ever saw her without her rollers in."
Yasmeen Nazir: "She sounds like quite a character".
Sally Metcalfe: "She was, with her Muriel and her outside bog, looking down on me cos I was from a rough family."

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