The police tape is removed from the street as well-wishers begin leaving flowers outside the salon. Roy drops off a bouquet from Becky. Caz tries talking to Kate but she doesn't want to know. David is determined to stay strong for Max and Lily's sake, but while inside he's haunted by Kylie's last moments. Bethany wonders how they're going to break the news to Sarah. Yasmeen and Alya remember Kal's death. Gemma is interviewed by the police. She denies knowing the attacker and claims she doesn't remember him well enough to give a description. Gail tells Michael she wants to focus on David and the kids for a while. He understands. David is livid to hear from the police that neither eyewitness could describe Kylie's killer. Leanne offers her sympathies to Nick and says she's there if he needs her. David goes to question Craig and Gemma himself and bangs on the door of No.5. Craig swears he can't remember what the attacker looked like as everything happened so fast. Alone in a closed salon, David cries into Kylie's hoodie. Clayton rings Gemma to find out what she told the police. She rejects the call. Craig admits to her that he can remember the attacker clearly and lied to the police and David out of fear. He wants to go back to the police station and put it right but Gemma warns him that Clayton will come after them if he does. Unseen by both of them, Clayton is back in the street. With Eva and Sean on holiday, the factory is short-staffed. Jenny suggests to Johnny that she be given a trial as a machinist. She sets about proving she can sew when Sally slags her off. Maria is sympathetic to Caz when she explains that she only assaulted the other girl when she threatened to rip up her photo of Kate. She invites Caz to move in with her for a while to give her a chance to make up with Kate. Leanne meets up with Steph at the bistro but suddenly gets a bout of nausea and runs off. Steph guesses that the pregnancy test she found in the flat was really hers. Clayton grabs Gemma and pulls her into the builder's yard. As he passes by outside, David hears Gemma swearing to Clayton that she didn't tell the police anything. He grabs a pipe and corners Clayton, accusing him of killing his wife.


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