Sarah lies, telling Dr Parker and a stunned Gail that Kylie and David saved her life by getting Callum to leave. Eileen tells Michael that the flat is none of his business and angrily brings the rent increase forward by a month when he has a go at Phelan. Bethany has to tell Lauren about Sarah being in psychiatric care when Alex asks after her. Gail is annoyed that the Platts are keeping secrets from her. Dev and Mary arrive at their hotel where they discover that Dev's original booking for a double room wasn't changed and there are no other rooms available. Dev wants to go home but Mary offers to sleep on the sofa. Todd is agitated as he copes alone at the florist and the wholesaler nearly crashes their van into the shop. Billy offers his help. Lauren offers to help Bethany find a job, but once they're outside Lauren's mates turn up and Bethany discovers she's been the victim of a bet. The girls call Sarah a psycho and pull Bethany's hair. Anna hears them in the cafe and comes out to investigate. The girls turn friendly and walk off, leaving Bethany in tears. At the hotel, Dev has an agonising back wax while Mary enjoys a body massage. Sarah feels better following the therapy session. Gail is shocked to run into Michael in the Rovers. They're pleased to see each other again. He tells her he doesn't know how long he'll be around. David is pleased that their nightmare is finally over but Kylie worries that Gail will keep digging. Dev and Mary get tipsy in their room and Dev ends up passing out on the bed. Mary is enjoying herself and carries on drinking from the minibar. Billy shows Todd that he cares about Tracy so they're not so different. As they share a close moment, Billy feels embarrassed and leaves the shop in haste, leaving his phone behind. Andy and Steph let Michael move back in to help with the rent. Michael has decided to stick around until everyone has seen Phelan for what he is and warns Pat that he isn't scared of him anymore.


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