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Nick asks Leanne along to a meeting with his accountant as he'd like her to be involved in his next venture. Leanne guiltily agrees and annoys Robert by taking half an hour off on her first day for a "family emergency". Kylie is prepared to confess to Callum's murder but David tells her that he'll take the blame instead if it comes to it. Beth asks Kirk to come home but he's enjoying Norris's cooking too much. Gail and Bethany visit Sarah at the hospital's mother and baby unit, bringing Harry with them. They find Sarah spaced out after being put on drugs. Psychiatrist Dr Parker tells the Platts that her psychotic episodes were brought on by stress. Steve wants to make up with Michelle but he just makes small talk when he sees her. The police take David to the station for more questioning. Todd convinces Jason to visit Sarah with him. DS Kerr shows David a CCTV picture of him outside The Dog & Gun on the day Callum was murdered. He explains that he went there looking for Callum but he wasn't there. Jason is shocked to see how recent events have affected Sarah. Leanne is late getting back to the bistro as Nick's accountant is delayed. Cathy doesn't understand how Roy could so readily report Alex to the police but Roy refuses to apologise for having principles. They agree to disagree. Beth tips Kirk's dirty laundry on Norris's doorstep but Kirk isn't bothered as Norris quickly offers to wash it for him. Michelle tells Maria that she's been offered a job singing on a cruise ship and she's thinking about accepting as she's getting nowhere with Steve. Steph tells an impatient Robert she saw Leanne at the cafe. Robert goes there to fetch her, causing Nick to realise that she's back working at the bistro. Robert thinks Leanne is messing him about and leaves without her. Jason asks Phelan to fetch Tony's tool bag as he's going to hand it over to the police to establish his dad's guilt or innocence. Kylie worries that David has confessed as he hasn't come home.


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