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Billy calls at No.11 to collect some of his things prior to conducting Callum's funeral. Todd offers his help, knowing how difficult things are for him. The Metcalfes' summer house is delivered. Billy tells David and Kylie that Sarah plans to be at the service and Gemma also begs Kylie to attend. Cathy opens a card from Nessa and reads that she's moving to Bali until Christmas. Alex isn't bothered. Macca tells the Platts to stay away from the funeral. Jason tells Phelan how much he appreciates his help. Bethany asks Sarah to help her with her exam revision but, distracted, she refuses. Bethany's hurt. Kylie suggests to Max he might want to attend his dad's funeral but he refuses. When Yasmeen suggests out loud that conservatories are common, Sally orders Tim to get the summer house built. Against the family's advice, Sarah sets off for Callum's funeral. Hearing that Sarah has gone, David tells Todd who agrees to fetch her back. Cathy stresses when Jordan calls on Alex. As a nervous Billy prepares for the funeral, Marion thanks him for his help, making him feel even more conflicted. Yasmeen's orangery glass is delivered at the yard. As Phelan and Jason set off in the van, Phelan notices the yard gates are unlocked. He phones a mate and instructs him to steal the glass. Lee arrives at the church and begs him for money but Billy refuses. Egged on by Jordan, Alex pulls a sickie, making out to Cathy that he's actually really upset about his mum. Cathy gives him the afternoon off. Tim enlists Craig's help in erecting the summer house but eschews reading the instructions. Kylie and Max plant a tree on the Red Rec to commemorate Callum's life. The funeral begins with Macca and his other druggie friends acting as pallbearers. The police also attend, as does Sarah. The pressure becomes too much for Billy and he hurries from the pulpit. Todd arrives and hears what has happened. Phelan distracts Jason with lunch at the Rovers to keep him from the yard while the robbery takes place. Todd finds Billy and orders him to get on with the service for Marion's sake. The wonky summer house is a disaster and Craig runs off. Billy resumes the service. Jason discovers the break-in. Bethany confides in Craig that she walked out of her exam. Marion thanks Sarah for coming and suggests that she'd like to be involved in Max and Harry's lives. Sarah gazes blankly at her and Todd hurries her away. Lee watches from a distance. Sally angrily berates Tim when she sees the state of the summer house, amusing Sharif and Yasmeen. Kate, Eva, Maria and Mary attend another belly dancing class. Jason is annoyed with Phelan for telling Yasmeen that his distracted state caused the robbery. Alex returns and shows Gemma a video of him racing cars with Jordan. He fails to notice Cathy peering over his shoulder. Phelan gains Eileen's sympathy over his argument with Jason. Sarah is even more distracted than ever when she returns home. David and Kylie are horrified to hear that DS Kerr was at the funeral. Sean finds Billy upset in the Rovers and suggests they could start again. Billy suggests they talk while Todd watches on. Caz joins the belly dancers for a drink in the Rovers and agrees to join them when she's recovered. Her constant presence annoys Sophie. Cathy berates Alex for driving illegally and orders Jordan out when he calls in the cafe. Alex is furious. Eileen gets Jason to admit he overreacted. In the Rovers, Lee approaches Sarah and introduces himself. He says that Billy has asked him to help keep an eye on her.


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  • This one-hour episode was transmitted at 8.00pm.
  • Location recording for St. Mary's Church took place at the identically named church in Prestwich, Manchester.
  • TV Times synopsis: Max refuses to attend Callum's funeral; Marion suggests to a stunned Sarah that she'd like to be involved in Harry and Max's lives; Billy is plagued by another visit from Lee; and Cathy berates Alex for driving illegally.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,590,000 viewers (8th place).
  • Due to changes to the schedules caused by the Euro 2016 football tournament, no episodes were transmitted on Wednesday 15th or Friday 17th June.
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