Jason apologises to Gemma for the way he treated her and invites her out for a drink at the Rovers to make it up to her. Gail invites Carla to the pampering party. Horrified Carla relies on Johnny to bail her out but he has already told Gail they can spare her for the day. David jokes that they should hold Nick's stag do at the salon as it's so last-minute. Nick is annoyed and gets Steve to lend a hand. Nick receives a message from the consultant and makes an appointment. Roy bonds with Alex over a jigsaw puzzle. Sarah tries to duck out of going to Gail's party but when she heads for the door, Gail grabs her arm causing Bethany to crash into them and drop a tray of glasses. Gail throws a teatowel in despair, hitting Carla as she walks in. Tim books a mini-holiday for him and Sally. Jenny is pleased when Johnny sticks up for her at the factory when the girls give her the cold shoulder. Gemma turns up at the Rovers to meet Jason dressed to the nines but is disappointed when Eileen and Phelan join them. Desperate to escape from No.8, Sarah holds a thermometer over the kettle and pretends that it's Harry's temperature. Worried Gail and Audrey go with Sarah and Harry to hospital, as does Kylie. Carla is secretly relieved. Alex introduces Roy to the PlayStation. Jason lets Phelan sell Tony's flat for him. Gemma gets bored listening to Eileen and Phelan and leaves. The doctor tells Sarah that Harry is fine but Sarah doesn't accept the diagnosis. Having seen her fake Harry's temperature, Kylie demands to know what's going on. Sarah tells her she has to get away from Callum.


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