After spending the night with Jason, Gemma beats a hasty retreat from No.11. Eileen sees her leave. Jason stands by his earlier statement that Eileen isn't welcome at Tony's funeral. Liz has gone to Spain. Cathy installs a coffee machine in the cafe but nobody can operate it. Gail decides to throw a surprise pamper party for Carla ahead of her hen night, inviting only family. Eileen appeals to Jason to change his mind, telling him that she cared about Tony too although she makes clear her disapproval of him using Gemma as a comfort blanket. Alex sneaks five of his friends into the cafe flat for a booze-up. Chesney Skypes Sinead from Portugal. Clearly enjoying himself, he tells her he's staying longer. Sinead masks her disappointment. The funeral procession leaves for St. Edmond's Church. Eileen stays behind, after Phelan fails to change Jason's mind. Roy returns to the Street unexpectedly. He has something on his mind but when he sees Cathy he obsesses over the changes she has made to the cafe. Lee gets more money from Billy and tells him he's homeless. At the mourners arrive, Todd sees Billy handing cash over to Lee and asks him if he's okay. Billy tells him that Lee is a troubled parishioner. Gemma calls at No.11 to pick up her scrunchie. Eileen apologises for the way Jason treated her but Gemma doesn't mind as she thinks she's not attractive and Jason wouldn't normally look twice at her. Gemma tells Eileen she should be at the funeral to say her own goodbye to Tony. Craig takes Caitlin out to the bistro but she doesn't seem particularly interested. Sarah admits to Kylie that she thinks Harry senses Callum's presence in No.8 as he always cries there. Kylie tells her she's imagining it. Billy conducts Tony's funeral and talks about how he loved Jason, despite making mistakes. Jason has decided not to give a eulogy but with Todd's encouragement he changes his mind. Roy tells Cathy that Sylvia's health is improving and is about to tell her something when they hear a crash from the flat. He marches upstairs and throws out Alex's friends, one of whom has broken an ornament. Jason is giving his eulogy when Eileen walks into the church. He tells her to get out.


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