Billy finds Sarah crying in the vestry. She had been clinging to the hope that bringing Harry closer to God would put him at peace. Billy guesses that she's thinking about Callum and assures her that his sins have no bearing on Harry and he's only crying because he's a baby. Kylie tells David to check on them, afraid that Sarah will tell Billy too much but Sarah and Billy return to the chapel a moment later and the service resumes. Sally recruits Maria to help with Gail's party on the basis that as she's like a daughter to Audrey she's a sister to Gail. Luke steels himself to tell Tyrone and Fiz he's moving out and hence they'll be losing his rent. Johnny wants to find a way to avoid sacking Izzy. The joint party for Gail's birthday and Harry's christening gets underway at the bistro although Gail has gone back home with a worn out Sarah. Nick becomes short-tempered when Audrey asks him about the buffet and has to remind her that he doesn't own the place anymore. David starts noticing his bursts of anger and worries when Carla tells him about Nick's outburst on the phone. Johnny lets Izzy keep her job when she swears she doesn't use drugs at work and has no drug-related convictions. She's relieved. Ken is put out when Audrey laughs at Freddie's jokes. Will tells Michelle that Saskia has invited another fifty guests to the wedding and the venue might not be big enough. He asks her to check it out with him instead of Sean as he's useless. Michelle reluctantly agrees. Luke and Maria break their news to Tyrone and Fiz. They already assumed that Luke would move out due to their engagement. Gail goes to the party and is presented with a cake bearing the message 'Happy Birthday Gail No Nuts'; the dietary requirements were accidentally included. She is touched with Audrey's speech, saying how lucky she feels to have Gail as a daughter. David advises Nick to see his specialist to make sure his brain injury isn't responsible for the mood swings. Nick can't face his injury destroying another relationship.


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