It's the day of Harry's christening. David and Sarah realise they've forgotten Gail's birthday when she opens a card from Ted. Kate puts on a brave face at the factory on what would have been her wedding day. Carla is amazed when Nick furiously throws his phone aside while setting up a bank account for Harry. They both laugh it off. Gary goes to the gym to find out where he stands. Sharif doesn't want him on the premises while the drug-dealing charge is hanging over him. Gary works on regardless. Anna makes it clear to Gary that Jake is her priority, not him or Izzy. As the Platts get ready to set off for the christening, Nick snaps at Sarah and belittles her for taking it so seriously. Izzy is summoned to Johnny's office. He thinks she has been stoned when operating her machine and is considering sacking her. Izzy tells him it's just pain relief and doesn't get her stoned. Carla, Nick, Ken, Audrey, Todd, Freddie, Gail, David, Kylie, Bethany, Max, Lily and Sarah attend Harry's christening. David is worried about Sarah's odd behaviour. Kylie thinks she has built up the christening as a sort of exorcism. Nick has asked Sally to plan an impromptu birthday party for Gail. Luke accepts Maria's invitation to move in with her. Izzy tries to make Anna see that she needs cannabis to look after Jake and compares it to her sleeping with Phelan to save Gary. Sarah struggles to cope when Harry cries through the christening ceremony. Chris Trenton drops off Amy at the Rovers after collecting her and Sam from school. Liz sends Amy and Sam away for sandwiches to get rid of them so she can chat to Chris. Sharif tells Gary he's seen his solicitor. Gary thinks he's wanted him out of the business since he and Alya split up and is using this as an excuse. Sarah has enough of Harry's screams and, after handing the baby to Nick, she leaves the altar.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sarah's behaviour creates cause for concern during Harry's Christening; and when Gary arrives for work, Sharif makes it clear he is not welcome.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,390,000 viewers (7th place).
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