As Sarah packs up Harry’s things at the hospital, she confides in Bethany that she’s worried about him and thinks it’s too early to send him home. Kate tells Sophie that she's picking up her wedding dress today and invites her round to see it. Audrey has to pick up Sarah as Nick and David cry off with other appointments. Izzy’s relieved to be reunited with Jake and promises Anna she won’t take any more cannabis and will talk to the doctor about pain relief. Following a phone call from Steve, Michelle complains to Liz that whilst he’s living it up in Spain she’s left running three businesses. She tells a suspicious Liz that she has a wedding breakfast tasting session at the bistro with Will. Sharif’s shocked when an Environmental Health Officer calls at No.6 and demands to inspect the chicken coop. Sean blabs to Liz that Michelle and Will used to be an item. Audrey picks up Sarah who is upset that no one else in the family seems to care. Sharif is told his chicken coop is perfect. Yasmeen guesses that Sally made the complaint. Amy confides in Ken that she feels abandoned by her dad and worries that he’ll never come home. After a trip to the doctors, Izzy’s disheartened, explaining to Gary that they refused to prescribe her with the spray she needs. Dressed up to the nines, Michelle sets off with Will for the tasting session. Liz isn't pleased, despite the explanation from an annoyed Michelle that they were only fourteen when they went out. Sarah arrives home to a big welcome from Kylie and Bethany. Ken calls in to see the baby but when Audrey suggests he might like a hold, Sarah becomes overprotective. In the bistro, Michelle and Will chat about old times and their partners. It’s clear Will has little interest in sampling wedding food. Back in the Rovers, Liz stresses out to Erica about the situation before she leaves for a brewery do. Kate tries on her wedding dress in front of a smitten Sophie. Michelle breaks down in tears and admits to Will how much she’s missing Steve.


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