Gary promises to get Izzy more weed and leaves Jake with Anna to give Izzy a break. Sally steps on an egg in her garden and discovers that Sharif's chickens have been getting in through a hole in the fence. She orders Sharif to fix the fence. Tim hates working at Street Cars as he prefers being outdoors. Tracy agrees to stay away from the bistro in future although Robert doesn't touch the sandwiches she makes him as a peace offering. Gary's supplier sells him something stronger for Izzy. Michelle is sick of Tim coming to her when any decisions have to be made at Street Cars. Gemma catches Bethany bunking off school and lures her into the shop with the promise of a free kebab. Izzy takes her regular dosage, despite Gary warning her that the drugs are stronger. As the room starts spinning, Izzy freaks out and tries to call Gary. He doesn't hear it as he's helping Audrey at the gym. Will Chatterton arrives at the Rovers to discuss his wedding with Michelle. Gemma encourages Bethany to stand up to her bullies. She offers to sell her old phone to her in exchange for info on Jason, who she fancies. Anna notices the cannabis when she goes to Izzy's bungalow to drop Jake off and finds her stoned. Izzy stops her from calling an ambulance by pointing out that they'll take Jake off her. Sharif mends the fence with one of Sally's own campaign placards. Will and Michelle reminisce about their school days. Liz notices how well they get on together. Gary gets Izzy's voicemail and goes to check that she's okay. Anna is incensed to realise that he knows about Izzy's drugs and more so when he admits that he has been supplying her. Disapproving, she takes Jake back home with her, announcing that he'll stay there until Izzy is fit to look after him.


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