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Robert and Tracy make up. Michelle returns from visiting Steve and is immediately inundated with work, with Eileen, Liz and wedding client Saskia Larson making demands on her time. Gail wants Sarah and Harry to stay at No.8 when they leave hospital and offers up her annex. David says they'll have to have Max's room as it'll be noisy downstairs. Izzy joins Gary and Jake on an Easter egg hunt at the community centre, despite being in pain. Tracy organises a surprise for Robert to show that she supports him. Sarah and Harry are kept in hospital longer as Harry has an infection. She isn't keen on the idea of staying at No.8 but agrees to think about it. Robert and Leanne organise a send-off for Nick. Todd doesn't like how Phelan has got his feet under the table at No.11. Nick prefers to leave without a fuss but is grateful for his staff's gesture. Michelle gives Amy a bracelet from Steve. She'd rather have him back and asks if he's depressed again. Michelle promises her that he'll be home soon. Gemma gets at David over his family keeping Marion away from her grandson. David threatens to punch her lights out if she goes running to Marion again. Phelan decides to cook for the Grimshaws to get to know Todd better. An exhausted Michelle announces she's not doing any more work today but Saskia turns up and tells her there's been an emergency. Jason checks over No.8's kitchen and tells David that new cupboard doors and linoleum will take care of the spray paint. Gemma barges in as Jason is on his way out and he has to hold her back from hitting David. She tells the Platts they should be nice to her as she saved Bethany from bullies. David sends her packing. At the Easter egg hunt, Izzy keels over in pain while reaching down to pick up an egg. Bethany downplays the incident with Gemma and asks Gail and David not to tell Sarah. Tracy ushers Robert outside to see her surprise. He's horrified to see the bistro sign being taken down. He angrily tells the men to put it back up, announcing that he isn't changing the restaurant's name. Todd tries to give dinner a swerve but Eileen shouts him home. Tracy feels humiliated and lashes out at Steph, calling her an internet slut. When Leanne and Carla defend her, Tracy turns her attentions to Carla and brands her a raddled old witch. Siding against Tracy, Robert drags her away to the kitchen. In the heat of the moment, Tracy hints that she's done more for Robert than he knows. In retaliation for Tracy's comments, Carla slaps her. Tracy warns Carla that she's done it now.


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